Anker Machines

Anker-Tec is a manufacturer of large to very large multifunctional 5-axis machining machines

In addition to the classic milling processing of very large components, the systems can also be used or adapted for processes such as grinding, waterjet cutting, pasting, contour measurement, ultrasound scanning, and laser cutting.

The system strokes are freely configurable as standard. x-stroke from 5,000mm to 150,000mm (150m), y-stroke from 2,000mm to 9,000mm, z-stroke from 500mm to 7,000mm b-axis +/- 95°, c-axis +/- 200°

As the y- and z-axis are constructed in lightweight design using carbon fiber-aluminum, very low masses are accelerated and moved. This results in technical and economic advantages such as:

  • very high dynamics due to high accelerations
  • very high travel speeds
  • very low maintenance due to very low wear of moving parts
  • extremely low energy costs
  • no elaborate foundation required, normal heavy-duty flooring is sufficient

Our machines are developed and manufactured in Germany. We exclusively use components from reputable manufacturers such as Bosch, Siemens, Heidenhain, Rittal, IGUS, etc.

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