ANKER Foundations – we change foundation construction for wind turbines.
ANKER Foundations universal pre-cast foundations simplify the construction of wind turbine foundations.
Fast. Efficient. Sustainable.  

% weniger LKW Fahrten
Days faster construction
tons less concrete
KG in CO2 reduction

Revolutionary, Simple

Right from the start, the focus was consistently on rapid assembly,
simple logistics and reduced consumption of resources.
ANKER Foundations make a significant contribution to further reduce the costs of wind turbines.

The individual elements manufactured under controlled conditions,
are assembled on the construction site within a short time.
Costly reinforcement and formwork work is eliminated
as well as the usual 3 week curing time. Thus, the construction time of the wind turbine is much shorter, with significantly less weather dependency.


Conservation of resources

ANKER Fundamente benötigen bis zu 70% weniger Zement und können auf eine Sauberkeitsschicht aus Beton verzichten. Der C02 Abdruck von Windenergieanlagen sinkt weiter, Belastungen für Böden und Umwelt werden minimiert.

Simplified Logistics

The delivery of the pre-cast elements is carried out as far as possible by rail. The pre-cast elements are then delivered to the construction site by truck, heavy transport is not necessary. A total of only 40 truck transports are required. Access roads, nature, and local residents are thus considerably relieved.

Shorter construction phase

The assembly of a prefabricated foundation takes max. 5 days. As there is no curing time, the tower construction can be started immediately afterwards.

Fast & simple dismantling

In contrast to a cast-in-place foundation, ANKER Foundations are designed to be dismantled easily, fast and cost efficient.

ANKER Foundation

Cast-in-place foundation

Independent of weather conditions

Subject to weather changes

Construction time

Construction time



Patented Design

The development of the universal prefabricated ANKER Foundations goes back to the year 2002. Already at that time the engineer Gregor Prass was dealing with the subject of prefabricated foundations for wind-turbines, at that time still within the scope of a diploma thesis. When the foundation stone for the ANKER Foundations was laid in 2017, we directly involved an experienced patent attorney in the development and thus the first patent application was already filed in December 2017.

The solutions developed in the course of the further development of the prefabricated foundations have been incorporated in a number of other PCT and EP applications. The patent portfolio includes solutions for classical and modern tubular steel towers as well as concrete-hybrid towers of many well-known manufacturers of Wind-turbines.

We proved for the first time in spring 2019 that the ANKER Foundations also meet the highest standards in practice. In March 2019 the first precast foundation for an Enercon E-115 was erected on a concrete-hybrid tower with a hub height of 149m. 
The construction of the foundation already went smoothly. Although it was a pilot project, the foundation was built in less than 2 days. 

The operation of the wind turbine also works without issues,
the loads occurring at the foundation of the plant are clearly within the calculated values.

About us

Founded in 2017 as an engineering office, we have been dealing with the subject of prefabricated foundations for wind turbines from the very beginning. Already in 2019 the first wind turbine of the type Enercon E-115 with a hub height of 149m could be erected on a prefabricated foundation made by our company. Our foundations are consistently optimised for simple & fast assembly, minimum use of resources and easy, cost-efficient dismantling. To date we have developed foundations for more than 40 wind turbines and have applied for various patents on our developments.


ANKER Foundations develops technologies that help to realise wind power projects in a more environmentally friendly, resource-saving and cost-effective way.


As number 1 in the construction of foundations for wind-turbines, we reduce the levelized costs of electricity, minimize environmental pollution and increase acceptance.


Innovation, integrity, and teamwork are guiding us in our daily life. Reliability, responsible action, and continuous development build the cornerstones of our work.